IBIEC 2022

The International Borneo Innovation, Exhibition & Competition (IBIEC) will be held virtually in Politeknik Kota Kinabalu Sabah (PKK) from 19 – 20 October 2022. The theme for this virtual conference is Transforming Innovation Into Opportunities: Embracing IR 4.0, which parallels PKK as the Centre of Technology (COT). Our motto “IT Teras Entiti” indicates our expertise in Information Technology as a critical element in the 4.0 Industry. IBIEC has adopted a virtual platform for innovators to present their innovations and share knowledge with panels from the industry and academicians.

This program will help to recognise high-impact innovations and their commercial possibilities. Furthermore, it will initiate future collaborations with institutions involved in the program’s organization, thus creating a sharing platform among the innovators participating in this competition worldwide.

Finalist Announcement


Registration & Abstract Submission :1 June – 31 July 2022 4 September 2022 (Extended)
Fee Payment & Notification of Confirmation of Participation Admission :18 July – 15 August 2022  11 September 2022 (Extended)
Innovation Product or Project Poster & Video Upload :18 July – 30 August 2022 16 September 2022 (Extended)
Evaluation of Innovation Product or Project :20 September – 7 October 2022
Official Results of IBIEC 2022 Finalists

:13 October 2022 14 October 2022

IBIEC 2022 Finalist Online Pitching Session :19 October 2022
Closing Ceremony of IBIEC 2022 :20 October 2022


Competition Rules & Regulations

  1. The competition is OPEN to all education institution and government/ private agencies that are interested.
  2. Participants can choose any competition class from the SEVEN (7) competition classes that has been set, however only subjected to ONE (1) competition class for each innovation product/ project.
  3. The RIGHT class selection will help participants to achieve the best marks in the competition.
  4. Teams are limited to no more than FIVE (5) group members including the Group Leader/ Supervisor.
  5. Entries must include a completed entry form and a payment slip as proof.
  6. Group members are regarded according to the name(s) listed in the entry form and any amendments are not allowed.
  7. The usage of English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed for Abstract and Full Paper Report. For Poster, participants MUST use English and for Innovation Video, can be produced in English or Bahasa Malaysia (with English subtitles).
  8. No refunds will be issued if participants wish to withdraw from the competition.
  9. Decisions of panels are FINAL. Any complaints will not be entertained.

Competition Categories

For online registration and submission, please register here
Abstract Format


  1. Abstract Format
  • Please use the template provided and submit in .docx format as per the attachment.
  • Abstract writing can be in English or Bahasa Malaysia. 
  1. Innovation Title
  • Upper Case, Bold, Font 12 And Times New Roman. 
  1. Name of The Author and Institution
  • Capitalize Each Word, Font 12 And Times New Roman. 
  1. Number of Words
  • The Number Of Words Is 80 – 200.
  • Font Size: 12
  • Font Type: New Roman Times. 
  1. The Content of the Abstract Should Include the Following:
  • Background
  • Problem Statement
  • Objectives
  • Invention Description/Innovation Product/Innovation Ideas
  • Gain / Benefit / Impact
  • Conclusion
  • Keywords


Bahasa Melayu

  1. Format Abstrak
  • Sila gunakan Template yang disediakan dan hantar dalam format .docx seperti di lampiran.
  • Penulisan Abstrak boleh menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris atau Bahasa Malaysia. 
  1. Tajuk Inovasi
  • Upper Case, Bold, Font 12 Dan Tulisan Times New Roman. 
  1. Nama Penulis Dan Institusi
  • Capitalize Each Word, Font 12 Dan Tulisan Times New Roman. 
  1. Bilangan Patah Perkataan
  • Bilangan Patah Perkataan: 80 – 200.
  • Saiz Font: 12
  • Jenis Tulisan: Times New Roman. 
  1. Kandungan Abstrak Perlu Mempunyai Perkara Berikut:
  • Latar Belakang
  • Penyataan Masalah
  • Objektif
  • Deskripsi Rekacipta/Produk Inovasi/Idea Inovasi
  • Dapatan/Kebaikan/Impak
  • Kesimpulan
  • Kata Kunci
Innovation Poster Format

Each poster must follow the following specifications:

  1. Each participation MUST submit ONE (1) poster.
  2. The poster must be of A3 size and in the PDF format.
  3. The Innovation Poster must include the following mandatory sections:
    • Title of Innovation Product/ Project
    • Group Members/Organisation Name
    • Innovation Objective
    • Problem Statement
    • Implementation Level
    • Innovation Product/ Project Impact
    • Uses and Applications
    • Authenticity/ Novelty
    • Commercial Potential/ Commercialisation/ Publishing Status
  4. The background design of the poster is based on the creativity of participants.
Innovation Video Format

Innovation Video Format

Each innovation video must follow the following specifications: 

  1. Each entry MUST submit ONE (1) video related to the innovation product / project.
  2. The videos should be between 10 to 15 minutes in length.
  3. The innovation videos can be produced in English or Malay (with English subtitles).
  4. The innovation videos must be uploaded in YouTube channel and only the YouTube link will be submitted in the Innovation Video Submission Form. Please refer to the information on how to upload video in IBIEC 2022 website.)
  5. The Innovation videos must include the following mandatory sections:
    • A recording session of group members’ presentation on innovative product / project.
    • The content of the presentation is relevant to the content of the innovation poster.
    • The demonstration session that presents product / project innovation features and methods of applying product / project innovation.
    • The innovation product must have safety design and features.
    • Explain the functions and benefits of the innovation product effectively.
    • Explain the level of implementation and marketability of the innovation product.
  6. The performance of the video is based on the creativity of participants.
Full Report Format


  1. Report Format
  • Please use the template provided and send it in .docx Format as per the attachment.
  • The Writing of the Innovation Report can be written in English or Malay. 
  1. Abstract
  • Refer to Abstract Preparation Format. 
  1. Content
  • Writing Format

The number of pages does not exceed 7 Pages. Font 12 and font style is Times New Roman. 

  • Problem Statement

Describes the problems encountered while implementing Pdp / Management / Relevant Fields. 

  • Product/Invention/Idea Objectives

Describes the objectives of the Product / Invention / Idea Produced. 

  • Product / Invention / Idea Description
  1. Describe the Product / Invention / Idea in Detail.
  2. Explain how Products / Inventions / Ideas are implemented / Used /

    Handled in Relevant Pdp / Management / Field Activities. 

  • Product Impact / Invention / Idea

Describes the Impact / Advantages / Benefits of the Product / Invention / Idea.

  • Product Diagram / Invention / Invention / Idea

Present Product Diagram / Illustration / Invention / Idea. 

  1. Reference
  • Submit relevant references in developing Innovation Projects / Ideas.


Bahasa Melayu

  1. Format Laporan
  • Sila gunakan Template yang disediakan dan hantar dalam format .docx seperti di lampiran.
  • Penulisan laporan inovasi boleh menggunakan Bahasa Inggeris atau Bahasa Melayu. 
  1. Abstrak
  • Rujuk format penyediaan abstrak 
  1. Kandungan
  • Format Tulisan

Bilangan muka surat tidak melebihi 7 muka surat.  font 12 dan tulisan Times New Roman. 

  • Penyataan Masalah

Menerangkan masalah yang dihadapi semasa melaksanakan pdp / pengurusan / bidang yang berkaitan. 

  • Objektif Produk / Rekacipta / Idea

Menerangkan objektif produk / rekacipta / idea yang dihasilkan. 

  • Diskripsi Produk / Rekacipta / Idea
  1. Menerangkan produk/rekacipta/idea secara terperinci.
  2. Menerangkan bagaimana produk / rekacipta /idea dilaksanakan /

   digunakan / dikendalikan dalam aktiviti pdp / pengurusan / bidang yang  


  • Impak Produk / Rekacipta / Idea

Menerangkan impak / kelebihan / kebaikan produk / rekacipta / idea tersebut. 

  • Gambarajah / Ilutrasi Produk / Rekacipta / Idea

Kemukakan gambarajah / ilutrasi produk / rekacipta / idea. 

  1. Rujukan
  • Kemukakan rujukan yang berkaitan dalam membangunkan projek / idea inovasi.
IBIEC 2022 Pitching Session Guidelines
  1. Only the top 5 groups from each competition class will be eligible to compete in the IBIEC 2022 finals.
  2. Pitching session will be a synchronised virtual presentation through Cisco Webex.
  3. All groups must always be prepared online.
  4. The duration of the entire pitching session for each group is 25 minutes: 15 minutes for the Innovation Video Session (will be played from the YouTube channel) and 10 minutes for question and answer session (live).
  5. Participants who fail to be present during the session will be disqualified from the final round.
  • Each group member will receive ONE (1) PARTICIPATION e-CERTIFICATE and ONE (1) ACHIEVEMENT e-CERTIFICATE.
  • Names stated on the certificates are based on the spelling and sequence upon submission.
  • THREE (3) JUDGE’S CHOICE AWARD will be awarded to the overall classes.


    • 1st Prize: RM450 Cash + Achievement e-certificate
    • 2nd Prize: RM350 Cash + Achievement e-certificate
    • 3rd Prize: RM250 Cash + Achievement e-certificate

Event Fees



Registration & Submission

Registration and Submission

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